These switches are located in the 511 Building and are the preferred connection location. Copper 10/100/1000 and fiber 1G/10G ports are available. Cologix discounted cross-connections are available to these switches; see also the People page. Connectivity is subject to MICE's port fees; networks must provide compatible transceivers.

Port Speed Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact Route Server User Supports BFD Fees
MICE Core 100G Arista 7504R 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::238      
Ethernet3/1/1 100G US Internet 10242 2001:504:27:0:0:2802::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet3/2/1 (Po4) 100G Google 36040 2001:504:27:0:0:8CC8::1 Google Edge Network (for requests)
Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet3/3/1 100G Akamai 20940 2001:504:27:0:0:51CC::1 No No Paid 2017
Ethernet3/4/1 100G                
Ethernet3/5/1 100G Hurricane Electric 6939 2001:504:27:0:0:1B1B::1 Partial No Paid (30G) & To Be Billed (100G) 2017
Ethernet3/6/1 (Po15) 40G Minnesota VoIP Remote Switch     Paid 2017
Ethernet3/7/1 100G                
Ethernet3/8/1 100G                
Ethernet3/9/1 100G                
Ethernet3/10/1 100G                
Ethernet3/11/1 100G                
Ethernet3/12/1 100G                
Ethernet3/13/1 100G                
Ethernet3/14/1 100G                
Ethernet3/15/1 100G                
Ethernet3/16/1 100G                
Ethernet3/17/1 100G                
Ethernet3/18/1 100G                
Ethernet3/19/1 100G                
Ethernet3/20/1 100G                
Ethernet3/21/1 100G                
Ethernet3/22/1 100G                
Ethernet3/23/1 100G                
Ethernet3/24/1 100G                
Ethernet3/25/1 100G                
Ethernet3/26/1 100G                
Ethernet3/27/1 100G                
Ethernet3/28/1 100G                
Ethernet3/29/1 100G                
Ethernet3/30/1 100G                
Ethernet3/31/1 100G                
Ethernet3/32/1 100G                
Ethernet3/33/1 100G                
Ethernet3/34/1 100G                
Ethernet3/35/1 100G                
Ethernet3/36/1 100G                
Ethernet4/1 1G MICE Route Server #1 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::1   Yes  
Ethernet4/2 10G Electric Lightwave 7385 2001:504:27:0:0:1CD9::1 No No Need Billing Contact
Ethernet4/3 10G Dakota Carrier Network 26794
2001:504:27:0:0:68AA::2 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/4 (Po19)
10G SDN Communications 13576 2001:504:27:0:0:3508::1 Yes No Paid (10G) & To Be Billed (20G) 2017
Ethernet4/5 10G inteliquent 5715 2001:504:27:0:0:1653::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/6 10G TDS 4181 2001:504:27:0:0:1055::1 No No Billed 2017
Ethernet4/7 (Po14)
20G Arvig 16904 2001:504:27:0:0:4208::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/8 10G Charter 20115 2001:504:27:0:0:4E93::1 No No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/9 10G                
Ethernet4/10 10G Long Lines 32867 2001:504:27:0:0:8063::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/11 (Po18)
30G Northern Lights GigaPoP Remote Switch     Paid 2017
Ethernet4/13 10G                
Ethernet4/14 10G                
Ethernet4/15 10G NU-Telecom 23465 2001:504:27:0:0:64FC::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/16 10G Broadband Visions 25615 2001:504:27:0:0:640F::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/17 10G Radio Link Internet 53301 2001:504:27:0:0:D035::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/18 10G Consolidated Communications 12042 2001:504:27:0:0:2F0A::1 No No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/19 10G Code42 62715 2001:504:27:0:0:F4FB::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/20 (Po8)
20G Airstream 11796 2001:504:27:0:0:2E14::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/21 10G                
Ethernet4/22 10G                
Ethernet4/23 10G                
Ethernet4/24 10G                
Ethernet4/25 10G                
Ethernet4/26 (Po13)
20G Great Plains Communications 13807 2001:504:27:0:0:35EF::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/27 10G                
Ethernet4/28 10G                
Ethernet4/29 (Po17) 10G Zayo 6461 2001:504:27:0:0:193D::1 No Yes Paid 2017
Ethernet4/30 10G Acentek 40328 2001:504:27:0:0:9D88::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/31 10G                
Ethernet4/32 10G Vast Broadband 20412 2001:504:27:0:0:4FBC::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/33 10G Savage Communications 23260 2001:504:27:0:0:5ADC::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/34 10G                
Ethernet4/35 (Po20)
20G Jaguar Communications 15011 2001:504:27:0:0:3AA3::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/36 10G HCMC 40413 2001:504:27:0:0:9DDD::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/37 10G Mankato Networks Remote Switch 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::243     Paid 2017
Ethernet4/38 (Po5)
30G CNS Remote Switch 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::253     Paid 2017
Ethernet4/39 10G                
Ethernet4/40 (Po7)
20G CloudFlare 13335 2001:504:27:0:0:3417::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/41 (Po16)
20G Limelight Networks 22822 2001:504:27:0:0:5926::1 No No Need Billing Contact
Ethernet4/43 10G                
Ethernet4/44 10G Yahoo! 10310 2001:504:27:0:0:2846::1 Yes No Need Billing Contact
Ethernet5/44 10G 2001:504:27:0:0:2846::2
Ethernet4/45 (Po12)
20G Amazon 16509 2001:504:27:0:0:407D::1 No No Paid 2017
Ethernet4/46 10G Fastly 54113 2001:504:27:0:0:D361::1 Partial No Need Billing Contact
Ethernet5/46 10G 2001:504:27:0:0:D361::2
Ethernet4/47 (Po11)
20G MICE Core 1G 2x EX4200-24T Stack 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::244      
Ethernet4/48 (Po9)
20G Neutral Path Communications Remote Switch 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::241     Paid 2017
Ethernet4/49/1 (Po2) 100G Netflix 2906 2001:504:27:0:0:0B5A::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet5/49/1 (Po3) 100G
Ethernet4/50/1 100G                
Ethernet5/1 1G MICE Route Server #2 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::2   Yes  
Ethernet5/2 10G                
Ethernet5/3 10G                
Ethernet5/4 10G Yomura Corporation 7363 2001:504:27:0:0:1cc3::1 Yes Yes Billed 2017
Ethernet5/6 10G Hoyos Consulting 53597 2001:504:27:0:0:D15D::1 Yes Yes Paid 2017
Ethernet5/7 (Po10) 10G Wikstrom Telephone Company (Wiktel) 33362 2001:504:27:0:0:8252::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet5/8 (Po15) 10G Minnesota VoIP Remote Switch     Paid 2017
Ethernet5/10 10G Gigamonster, LLC 31939 2001:504:27:0:0:7CC3::1 No No Paid 2017
Ethernet5/11 10G HBC 14828 2001:504:27:0:0:39EC::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet5/12 10G University of Wisconsin System 3128 2001:504:27:0:0:0C38::1 Yes Yes Paid 2017
Ethernet5/13 10G                
Ethernet5/15 10G                
Ethernet5/16 10G Country Wireless 16616 2001:504:27:0:0:1F9F::1 Yes No Billed 2017
Ethernet5/17 10G                
Ethernet5/18 10G                
Ethernet5/19 10G                
Ethernet5/21 10G                
Ethernet5/22 10G                
Ethernet5/23 10G                
Ethernet5/24 10G                
Ethernet5/25 10G                
Ethernet5/27 10G                
Ethernet5/29 10G                
Ethernet5/30 10G                
Ethernet5/31 10G                
Ethernet5/32 10G                
Ethernet5/33 10G                
Ethernet5/34 10G                
Ethernet5/36 10G Emergent Networks 29762 2001:504:27:0:0:7442::1 Yes No Paid 2017
Ethernet5/37 10G                
Ethernet5/38 10G                
Ethernet5/39 10G                
Ethernet5/43 10G                
Ethernet5/50/1 100G                
MICE Core 1G 2x EX4200-24T Stack
ge-0/0/0 1G MICE Looking Glass 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::F250      
ge-0/0/1 1G MICE Route Server #1 Mgmt    
ge-0/0/2 1G MICE Route Server #2 Mgmt
ge-0/0/3 1G ipHouse 7753 2001:504:27:0:0:1E49::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/4 1G                
ge-0/0/5 1G Implex 21709 2001:504:27:0:0:54CD::1 No No Free 1G
ge-0/0/6 1G OneNeck 8015 2001:504:27:0:0:1F4F::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/7 1G Supranet 4150 2001:504:27:0:0:1036::1 Yes Yes Free 1G
ge-0/0/8 1G Nextera 22402 2001:504:27:0:0:5782::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/9 1G LAKANA 32029 2001:504:27:0:0:7E3A::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/10 1G                
ge-0/0/11 1G                
ge-0/0/12 1G                
ge-0/0/13 1G North Star Fiber 13573 2001:504:27:0:0:3505::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/14 1G Atomic Data 25694 2001:504:27:0:0:645E::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/15 1G Advanced Integrated Tech 13746 2001:504:27:0:0:35B2::1 Yes Yes Free 1G
ge-0/0/16 1G IVDesk 393639 2001:504:27:0:6:01A7::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/17 1G OneNetUSA 46131 2001:504:27:0:0:B433::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/18 1G Verus Corporation 26156 2001:504:27:0:0:662C::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/19 1G Coloplast 25111 2001:504:27:0:0:6217::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-0/0/20 1G                
ge-0/0/21 1G                
ge-0/0/22 1G MICE Route Server #1 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::1      
ge-0/0/23 1G                
xe-0/1/0 (ae0)
20G MICE Core 100G Arista 7504R      
ge-1/0/0 1G                
ge-1/0/1 1G                
ge-1/0/2 1G                
ge-1/0/3 1G                
ge-1/0/4 1G                
ge-1/0/5 1G                
ge-1/0/6 1G                
ge-1/0/7 1G                
ge-1/0/8 1G                
ge-1/0/9 1G                
ge-1/0/10 1G                
ge-1/0/11 1G                
ge-1/0/12 1G                
ge-1/0/13 1G                
ge-1/0/14 1G                
ge-1/0/15 1G                
ge-1/0/16 1G                
ge-1/0/17 1G                
ge-1/0/18 1G                
ge-1/0/19 1G                
ge-1/0/20 1G                
ge-1/0/21 1G                
ge-1/0/22 1G                
ge-1/0/23 1G                
ge-1/1/0 1G 5 Nines 16842 2001:504:27:0:0:41CA::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-1/1/1 1G CDW/Berbee 3599 2001:504:27:0:0:0E0F::1 Yes Yes Free 1G
ge-1/1/2 1G Velocity Telephone 15250 2001:504:27:0:0:3B92::1 Yes No Free 1G
ge-1/1/3 1G Paragon 55043 2001:504:27:0:0:D703::1 Yes No Free 1G

Cooperative Network Services (CNS)

CNS operates a switch located in the 511 Building. Fiber 1G/10G ports are available. Cologix discounted cross-connections are available to this switch; see also the People page. Connectivity is at CNS's option, prices, and terms. CNS may offer extensions over its transport network.

Port Speed Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact Route Server User Supports BFD
Te1/1 10G CTC 64227 2001:504:27:0:0:FAE3::1 Yes No
Te1/2 10G New Core Wireless 27204 2001:504:27:0:0:6A44::1 Yes No
Te1/3 10G Stellar Association 36374 2001:504:27:0:0:8E16::1 Yes No
Te1/4 10G Paul Bunyan Communications 14371
2001:504:27:0:0:3823::2 Yes No
Te1/5 10G 702 Communications 15267 2001:504:27:0:0:3BA3::1 Yes No
Te2/1 10G Cooperative Network Services (CNS) 32609 2001:504:27:0:0:7F61::1 Yes No
Te2/3 10G Otter Tail Telcom 25637 2001:504:27:0:0:6425::1 No No

Mankato Networks

Mankato Networks operates a switch located in the 511 Building. Copper 10/100/1000 and fiber 1G/10G ports are available. Cologix full-cost cross-connections are available to this switch; see also the People page. Connectivity is at Mankato Networks's option, prices, and terms.

Port Speed Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact Route Server User Supports BFD
ge-0/0/7 1G Vaultas 53480 2001:504:27:0:0:D0E8::1 Yes No
ge-0/0/9 1G MyTelepath 20338 2001:504:27:0:0:4F72::1 Yes No
xe-0/1/3 10G Windomnet (City of Windom) 46692 2001:504:27:0:0:B664::1 Yes No

Minnesota VoIP

Minnesota VoIP operates a switch located in the 511 Building. Copper 10/100/1000 and fiber 1G/10G ports are available. Cologix full-cost cross-connections are available to this switch; see also the People page. Connectivity is at Minnesota VoIP's option, prices, and terms.

Port Speed Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact Route Server User Supports BFD
  1G ClaimLynx 62708 2001:504:27:0:0:F4F4::1 Yes No
  10G Compudyne 47096 2001:504:27:0:0:B7F8::1 Yes No
  1G Genesis Wireless/RevNetData 30032 2001:504:27:0:0:7550::1 Yes No
  1G Introvex 135886 2001:504:27:0:2:12CE::1 Yes No
Te3/6 10G LTD Broadband 394330 2001:504:27:0:6:045A::2 Yes No
  10G Minnesota VoIP 32621 2001:504:27:0:0:7F6D::1 Yes No
  10G Minnesota WiFi 393455 2001:504:27:0:6:00EF::1 Yes No
  1G NetValue 8095 2001:504:27:0:0:1F9F::1 Yes Yes

Neutral Path Communications

Neutral Path Communications operates a switch located in Belle Plain, MN. Connectivity is at Neutral Path Communications's option, prices, and terms.

Port Speed Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact Route Server User Supports BFD
ge-0/0/1 1G LTD Broadband 394330 2001:504:27:0:6:045A::1 Yes No
xe-0/0/3 10G NebraskaLink 16851 2001:504:27:0:0:41D3::1 Yes No
xe-0/0/4 10G 2001:504:27:0:0:41D3::2
ge-0/0/5 1G Christensen Communications 46494 2001:504:27:0:0:B593::1 Yes No
xe-0/0/6 10G Stealth Broadband 395194 2001:504:27:0:6:07BA::1 Yes No
xe-0/0/7 10G Fibercomm 54578 2001:504:27:0:0:D532::1 Yes Yes
xe-0/0/9 10G Future Technologies 26451 2001:504:27:0:0:6753::1 Yes No
ge-0/0/11 1G Omni-Tech 54821 2001:504:27:0:0:D625::1 Yes No
xe-0/0/12 10G Southwest MN Broadband 25715 2001:504:27:0:0:6473::1 Yes No
xe-0/0/10 10G Premier Communications 53347 2001:504:27:0:0:D063::1 Yes No

Northern Lights GigaPoP

The Northern Lights GigaPoP operates one or more remote switches. Connectivity will be at Northern Lights GigaPoP's option, prices, and terms. The GigaPoP typically connects education and government entities, not commercial networks.

Port Speed Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact Route Server User Supports BFD
  30G Northern Lights GigaPoP
(University of Minnesota)
57 2001:504:27:0:0:0039::1 Yes No
  10G WiscNet 2381 2001:504:27:0:0:094D::1 Yes Yes