MICE Core Switch

This is the preferred connection location, copper 10/100/1000 ports and fiber 1/10G ports available. Cologix discounted connections are available on this switch.

Port Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact MLPA Member
  MICE Core Switch 53679 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::245  
ge-1/0/0 MICE Looking Glass 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::f250
ge-1/0/1 MICE Route Server #1 53679 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::1
ge-1/0/2 MICE Route Server #2 53679 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::2
ge-1/0/3 ipHouse 7753 2001:504:27:0:0:1E49::1 Yes
ge-1/0/4 TDS 4181 2001:504:27:0:0:1055::1 No
ge-1/0/5 Implex 21709 2001:504:27:0:0:54CD::1 No
ge-1/0/6 VISI 8015 2001:504:27:0:0:1F4F::1 Yes
ge-1/0/7 Supranet 4150 2001:504:27:0:0:1036::1 Yes
5683 2001:504:27:0:0:1633::1
ge-1/0/8 Nextera 22402 2001:504:27:0:0:5782::1 Yes
ge-1/0/10 Airstream 11796 2001:504:27:0:0:2E14::1 Yes
ge-1/0/11 Minnesota VoIP 32621 2001:504:27:0:0:7F6D::1 Yes
ge-1/0/12 Emergent Networks 29762 2001:504:27:0:0:7442::1 Yes
ge-1/0/13 MDU Ethernet 13573 2001:504:27:0:0:3505::1 Yes
ge-1/0/14 Atomic Data 25694 2001:504:27:0:0:645E::1 Yes
ge-1/0/15 Advanced Integrated Tech 13746 2001:504:27:0:0:35B2::1 Yes
ge-1/0/16 IVDesk 393639 2001:504:27:0:6:01A7::1 Yes
ge-1/0/17 OneNetUSA 46131 2001:504:27:0:0:B433::1 Yes
ge-1/0/18 Verus Corporation 26156 2001:504:27:0:0:662C::1 Yes
ge-1/0/22 Route Server #1 Mgmt  
ge-1/0/23 Route Server #2 Mgmt  
ge-1/1/0 5 Nines 16842 2001:504:27:0:0:41CA::1 Yes
ge-1/1/1 ClaimLynx 62708 2001:504:27:0:0:F4F4::1 Yes
ge-1/1/2 CDW/Berbee 3599 2001:504:27:0:0:0E0F::1 Yes
xe-0/0/0 Dakota Carrier Network 26794
2001:504:27:0:0:68AA::2 Yes
xe-0/0/2 Integra Telecom 7385 2001:504:27:0:0:1CD9::1 No
xe-0/0/3 (ae6)
Hurricane Electric 6939 2001:504:27:0:0:1B1B::1 No
xe-0/0/4 South Dakota Networks 13576 2001:504:27:0:0:3508::1 Yes
xe-0/0/5 Onvoy Voice Services 5715 2001:504:27:0:0:1653::1 Yes
xe-0/0/6 TDS [Future] 4181 2001:504:27:0:0:1055::1 No
xe-0/0/7 Arvig 16904 2001:504:27:0:0:4208::1 Yes
xe-0/0/8 Charter 20115 2001:504:27:0:0:4E93::1 No
xe-0/0/9 Mammoth 10835 2001:504:27:0:0:2A53::1 Yes
xe-0/0/10 Longlines 32867 2001:504:27:0:0:8063::1 Yes
xe-0/0/11 (ae0)
Northern Lights GigaPoP
(University of Minnesota)
57 2001:504:27:0:0:0039::1 Yes
(via GigaPoP) WiscNet 2381 2001:504:27:0:0:094D::1 Yes
xe-0/0/14 US Internet 10242 2001:504:27:0:0:2802::1 Yes
xe-0/0/15 NU-Telecom 23465 2001:504:27:0:0:64FC::1 Yes
xe-0/0/16 Broadband Visions 25615 2001:504:27:0:0:640F::1 Yes
xe-0/0/17 Radio Link Internet 53301 2001:504:27:0:0:D035::1 Yes
xe-0/0/18 Consolidated Communications 12042 2001:504:27:0:0:2F0A::1 No
xe-0/0/19 Code42 62715 2001:504:27:0:0:F4FB::1 Yes
xe-0/0/20 Airstream [Future] 11796 2001:504:27:0:0:2E14::1 Yes
xe-0/0/21 (ae2)
Netflix 2906 2001:504:27:0:0:0B5A::1 Yes
xe-0/0/25 (ae4)
Google 36040 2001:504:27:0:0:8CC8::1 Yes
xe-0/0/26 Great Plains Communications 13807 2001:504:27:0:0:35EF::1 Yes
xe-0/0/29 (ae5)
CNS Remote Switch 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::253  
xe-0/0/30 Acentek 40328 2001:504:27:0:0:9D88::1 Yes
xe-0/0/32 Vast Broadband 20412 2001:504:27:0:0:4FBC::1 Yes
xe-0/0/33 Savage Communications 23260 2001:504:27:0:0:5ADC::1 Yes
xe-0/0/34 (ae1)
Akamai 20940 2001:504:27:0:0:51CC::1 Yes
xe-0/0/35 Compudyne 47096 2001:504:27:0:0:B7F8::1 Yes
xe-0/0/36 HCMC 40413 2001:504:27:0:0:9DDD::1 Yes
xe-0/0/37 Mankato Networks Remote Switch 2001:504:27:0:0:D1AF::243  
xe-0/1/0 (ae7)
CloudFlare 13335 2001:504:27:0:0:3417::1 Yes
xe-0/2/3 Hoyos Consulting 53597 2001:504:27:0:0:d15d::1 Yes

CNS Remote Switch

Fiber 1/10G ports available. Cologix discounted connections are available on this switch.

Port Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact MLPA Member
Te0/6 702 Communications 15267 2001:504:27:0:0:3BA3::1 Yes
Te0/7 New Core Wireless 27204 2001:504:27:0:0:6a44::1 Yes
Te0/8 Stellar Association 36374 2001:504:27:0:0:8E16::1 Yes
Te0/10 Uplink to Main Switch
Te0/11 Cooperative Network Services (CNS) 32609 2001:504:27:0:0:7F61::1 Yes
Te0/12 Paul Bunyan Communications 14371 2001:504:27:0:0:3823::1 Yes
  Halstad Telephone Company 21730 2001:504:27:0:0:54E2::1 Yes

Mankato Networks Remote Switch

Copper 10/100/1000 ports available.

Port Carrier ASN IPv4 IPv6 Contact MLPA Member
ge-0/0/7 Vaultas 53480 2001:504:27:0:0:D0E8::1 Yes
ge-0/0/9 MyTelepath 20338 2001:504:27:0:0:4F72::1 Yes
ge-0/0/10 Genesis Wireless/RevNetData 30032 2001:504:27:0:0:7550::1 Yes
ge-0/0/11 Jaguar Communications 15011 2001:504:27:0:0:3AA3::1 Yes
ge-0/0/14 Monticello Fibernet (City of Monticello) 393466 2001:504:27:0:0006:00FA::1 Yes
xe-0/1/1 Wikstrom Telephone Company (Wiktel) 33362 2001:504:27:0:0:8252::1 Yes
xe-0/1/3 Windomnet (City of Windom) 46692 2001:504:27:0:0:B664::1 Yes