Contact Us

Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange
PO Box 583782
Minneapolis, MN 55458-3782

Contact for details on connecting to MICE. As part of the connection process, you will need to complete the MICE Order Form.

Orders will be cancelled if the port is not active (linked and exchanging traffic) within 180 days. MICE can extend this upon request.

Mailing Lists
  • Announcements
    • Participants are strongly encouraged to have both their business and technical contacts join the MICE-ANNOUNCE mailing list. The low-traffic MICE-ANNOUNCE list receives notices of User Group meetings (member meetings), fee changes, board elections, and other business/technical matters.
  • Discussion
    • Participants are encouraged to have their technical and MICE governance contacts join the MICE-DISCUSS mailing list. The higher-traffic MICE-DISCUSS list is open to posting by list members and hosts both technical and governance discussions.